Money, real estate and financing as seen across the generations – CBH Lands sold

Money, real estate and financing as seen across the generations – CBH Lands sold

Well, hello again my curious friends! It is nice that we get to connect again! And as always, I love how you are always seeking the truth. So it appears our discussion regarding generations has now taken a turn towards financing, real estate and money. Knight Sky says we should get into it right away and he is one to be taken seriously! So let’s start at the beginning and make our way to the end!


Money, it appears, has a different notion across the generations. Maturists see money as something which must not be discussed openly. It is the men who are seen to handle account keeping and those of this generation are rather cost conscious. The Baby Boomers keep their money stored away in banks and real estate like land and buildings. Very few seem to invest in the stock market. They are not comfortable with personal debt such as credit cards and prefer investing in tangible things. Likewise, Generation X prefer storing money in banks and real estate but seem to be a bit more open to the stock market. Most love quick money and are interested in promotions, discounts and deals. Generation Y seems to be using credit cards heavily as they appear to have very little savings and are quick to spend when they see a good deal. And lastly, Generation Z. These are the ones who look at new opportunities to create money like cryptocurrency, partnerships or collaborations. They may not necessarily spend on expensive brands but will buy takeout regularly. 

Who do they all buy from, you may ask.  Well, the Maturists are comfortable buying from the “usual” seller and will wait days on end for him to come. Men don’t bargain, but the women do. The Baby Boomers like to think that imported goods are of higher quality and prefer a salesperson who is friendly and answers all their questions. They don’t like high commissions. Buyers’ remorse is common among them. Generation X love bargaining and don’t necessarily stick to one seller. They like brands too and will compare prices to the point of getting overwhelmed. They plan their purchases and enjoy the shopping experience. Generation Y, similarly will buy anything that catches their eye, even if it’s online. The purchasing process however, has to be fast for them although decision making on their part takes time. Generation Z, being the youngsters that they are, want to be taken seriously by the salesperson and do not like being underestimated. They are the ones who seem to do research regarding the brand and like to observe at first, maybe even touch and feel for themselves. But once trust is gained, their loyalty is won!

Then comes the question of real estate. Maturists appear to be most comfortable with it and know how to use real estate to generate money. It appears they plan ahead for their children and grandchildren and prefer bare land on which they can build. Distance to the land does not matter for these folks. The Baby Boomers are quite similar to the Maturists in this aspect, except that they prefer real estate to be at a distance they can visit. Generation X, being fully invested in their children, choose real estate as a means of generating income for their kids’ education. They visit their land often and prefer rental or lease income. Bare lands or apartments work well with them. Generation Y seems to be the ones who get overwhelmed with down payments and find the whole process to be complicated. They also appear to be shy to ask questions. They may not be able to afford a house to live in but will look into affordable areas of investment. Once bought, they are relieved! The Gen Zs like to select the space they want to live in, like a home away from home. They like being close to nature and often have a vision for the space they buy. 

So what are their financing methods? The Maturists finance with their wealth and rightfully so, for they have probably accumulated what they need over the years. The Baby Boomers will also finance with their wealth or may even borrow money from family and friends. Generation X is comfortable with mortgages and installments. They try to match the mortgage payment with rental yield. Generation Y likes to negotiate prices and terms and want a good deal in real estate investments. They prefer monthly installments over bank loans. Gen Z wants a customized payment plan and are very open about their cash flow situations. Sometimes they get together with friends to buy real estate. 

Have these generations invested in CBH Lands? And if they have, what has it been for? Interesting questions. And the answer is yes, all generations have invested in CBH Lands and for various purposes. The maturists invest in CBH Lands mainly as gifts for their grandchildren. The Baby Boomers have bought them for their children. Gen X has bought land for themselves and their childrens’ higher education purposes. Generation Y, for business purposes and retirement. Gen Z, for business purposes and as hangout spaces for friends. 

So there you have it my friends. This is how things are across the generations in the realm of real estate, financing and money. We will meet again soon! Keep those questions coming! Knight Sky and I wish you all the best!

Yours Truly,
Jupiter Sebastian.


  • July 19, 2022



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