Why is Kurunegala a success story?

Why is Kurunegala a success story?

Greetings to you, dear readers! I hope you are all keeping well. Knight Sky has just been telling me how brave and hardworking Sri Lankans are and I had to agree! Sri Lankans are a bunch that pushes forward even in the most trying times. And as a supporter of hard work and constant seeking of the truth, I am here to tell you why and how Kurunegala is a success story from all areas you could invest in. I hope through this letter, you will be more encouraged and convinced to make the right choices as I know you always do.

For starters, Kurunegala is not a new city, nor is it in close proximity to the financial capital like Gampaha. Kurunegala cannot market itself by saying its only a few kilometers to Colombo. In other words, Kurunegala does not piggyback on Colombo. Because of this, it is a city that has developed independently.

Kurunegala is a Legacy City with a colorful history and has all the required elements needed for a city, such as schools, international schools, hospitals, and people. Take a look at this table that Knight Sky prepared for you.

(CBSL Annual Report, 2020) Kurunegala Colombo Gampaha
Population 1,729,000 (3rd place) 2,448,000 2,417,000
Medical officers 1,069 (4th place) 4,454 1,767
Government school teachers 20,000 (1st place) 18,000 16,000
Road Kilometerage 2,576 km (1st place) 873 km 1,677 km
Electricity consumption Gwh 1,481 (2nd place) 1,522 (Colombo City) n/a

Do you see how in terms of population, medical officers, government school teachers, road kilometrage and electricity consumption, Kurunegala definitely takes a top place on the list? That makes for a good city, don’t you think?

Kurunegala real estate will continue to grow and here’s why. Sri Lankan banks and financial institutions will always consider and prefer land as a solid investment and asset. Which gives the investor an opportunity to utilize this asset as a collateral for any future borrowings, to raise personal / commercial fundings. Location is everything. Other than “Galle Road”, Kurunegala (minus the Central Expressway) has access to almost all main roads in the country: Kandy Road, Dambulla Road, Puttalam Road, Negombo Road and Colombo Road. The Central Expressway is a springboard for sure, but it’s not the only highway that’s connecting the district to the rest of the country. Furthermore, the Kadawatha – Mirigama connection will also be complete within 18 months. Therefore, travel time will drop to 1 hour from Colombo to Kurunegala.

According to the Road Development Authority, by 2030 three more highways will be intersecting through Kurunegala; Kandy Central Expressway (Connecting through Pothuhera, Kurunegala to Galagedara, Kandy – 32.5 km), Northern Expressway (Kurunegala to Jaffna) and Eastern Expressway (Kurunegala to Trincomalee).

So there you have it! This is my take on why Kurunegala is a success story by factual collection of data and analysis. I hope this has been of some use to all you seekers of the truth.

Join me and Knight Sky next time for more insightful letters! It is always a pleasure to connect with you!

Yours Truly,

Jupiter Sebastian

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